Turkish Covers Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish covers, Turkey covers manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality covers from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

KULCA CELIK KAPI MAKINA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Kamer İLİK    
s doors, steel doors, classic doors, classic steel doors, modern doors, moden steel doors, fire doors, fire panic doors, panic doors, nailed doors, nailed steel doors, nailed steel door systems, graded steel door systems, graded steel doors, graded doors, finger print door systems, finger print doors, remote control door systems, remote control doors, finger print steel doors, remote control steel doors, laminated steel doors, laminated doors, laminox doors, laminox steel doors, turkish, turkish door, specialorder, order, import, export, wooden, steel, home, economic door, door, oman, nigeria, algeria, egypt, netherlands, romania, hotel, hotel door, turkishdoor, turkish doors, cheap door, project door, project, door, doors, copper, copper door, home decoration, style, new, new model, new product, news, interior designer, architect, construction, structure, architecture, structures, construction materials, building, iron door, room door, room doors, interior door, out door, exterior door, exit door, tek kapi, quality door, producer, supply, safe door, steel security door, steel safety, steel safety door, door accessories, lock systems, lock, toilet, sanitary, toilet seat, sink, sinks, bathroom, bathroom cabinet, furniture, ceramic, table, kitchen table, seat, chair, bathroom decor, bath decor, america, qatar, palestine, georgia, albania, kosovo, iraq, bulgaria, new york, tunusia, france, italy, request, turkish, room, room door, copper doors, copper coating door, copper sheet, panel door, classic, classic door, luxury door, luxury, toilet accessory, iron, pvc door, wooden door, laminate door, steel door, covers, fire door, special door, fire rated door, classic steel door, safety door, laminated door, hotel door, modern door, laminox door, laminox steel door, laminated steel door, wooden door accessories, armored door, veneer doors, metal door, lacquer door, natural door, special steel door, armored steel door, pvc steel door, veneer baseboard, decorative lath, moden steel door, fire panic door, panic door, nailed door, nailed steel door, nailed steel door system, graded steel door system, graded steel door, graded door, finger print door system, finger print door, remote control door system, remote control door, finger print steel door, remote control steel door, armor door, copper de luxe door, natural steel door, fingerprint system door, luxe copper door, kulca door, kulca steel door
s home textiles, baby textiles, baby room textiles, young room textiles, commercial linens, linens, hotel textiles, medical textiles, hospital textiles, knitted products, woven products, fitted sheets, sheets, bedspreads, bedlinens, pillow cases, towels, bathrobes, covers, towel sets, piques, baby bibs, sleeping bags, mattress protectors, uniforms, uniform, towel, bathrobe, home textile, hotel textile, bedlinen, sheet, pique, fitted sheet, sleeping bag, cover, hospital textile, towel set, pillow case, baby room textile, young room textile, baby textile, baby bib, medical textile, bedspread, mattress protector, linen, commercial linen, knitted product, woven product
ESBA METAL KALIP TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     yıgıt ortac    
s covers, door corners centers, door handles, door plates, flanges, hot forged pieces, hot forged spears, hot forget knobs, ornamental leaves, plastics, rosettes, sheet siding board, spheres, wheels, hinges, bolt
s stage, table, skirting, covers, cocktail, ballroom settings, chair covers, partition screens, conference clothes, bed covering, marquee covering, cushions
SEM TRANSFORMATOR A.S.        Türkiye     Tuba KABA    
s industrial electrics, industrial electric materials, industrial electric items, industrial electric products, transformers, power transformers, distribution transformers, power and distribution transformers, distribution and power transformers, power distribution units, transformer tanks, transformer boxes, transformer stations, electric steels, electrical sheets, electrical steels, electric sheets, metal parts, cylinders, metal part, covers, cover, transformer oil, transformer, distribution transformer, transformer oils, power transformer, industrial electric material, conservators, corrugated wall, transformer components, corrugated walls, power distribution unit, magnetic cores, transformer magnetic cores, windings, transformer windings, primary windings, secondary windings, transformer cylinders, transformer covers, transformer oil conservators, transformer corrugated walls, transformer metal parts, oil conservators, distribution transformer tests, power transformer tests, plant tests, site tests, industrial electric, industrial electric item, industrial electric product, power and distribution transformer, distribution and power transformer, transformer tank, transformer box, transformer station, electric steel, electrical sheet, electrical steel, electric sheet, magnetic core, transformer magnetic core, winding, transformer winding, primary winding, secondary winding, transformer cylinder, transformer cover, transformer oil conservator, transformer corrugated wall, oil conservator, conservator, distribution transformer test, power transformer test, plant test, site test, transformer component, distribution transformer maintenance services, power transformer maintenance services, distribution transformer reparation services, power transformer reparation services, distribution transformer maintenance service, power transformer maintenance service, distribution transformer reparation service, power transformer reparation service
s bag, leather, imitation, textile bag, case, wallet, purse, diaries, calenders, covers, notepad
OZKASIF TEKSTIL LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Hakan Cengiz    
s handmade rugs, kilims, carpets, home textile, blankets, towels, bed sets, pillow, covers, bath sets, household items, knitting fabrics, leather, leather products, mop yarns, mops, textile accessories, zipper, button, label, sewing threads, workwear, woven fabrics, uniforms, yarns, knitting, wovens fabrics, fabrics, cotton, yarn, kilim, carpet, mop, scarf, fabric, genuine, lamb, skin, gabardine, canvas, poplin, shoddy, recycled, regenerated, rugs, scarves, home, textile, bed, linen, sets, bedrope, bathroom, kitchen, coveralls, wovens fabrics, home textile, leather, carpets, button, blankets, pillow, yarns, woven fabrics, leather products, covers, textile accessories, household items, bath sets, handmade rugs, bed sets, workwear, knitting, towels, sewing threads, label, knitting fabrics, uniforms, zipper, mops, kilims
EFOR GURUP        Türkiye     EFOR GROUP    
s are, bamboo, covers, group, hotel, hotel group, kitchen, kitchen napery, linens, linens are, napery, pillows, pique, pique on, table, table covers, towels, wall, wall group, hotel
BES ITHALAT IHRACAT DIS TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Beyhan Irmak    
s cork, cork stopper, jar, glass jars, conical cork, bottles, bottle, bottle for milk, covers, aluminium caps, metal caps, decorative bottles, decorative bottle, glasswares, tablewares, cologne bottle, decorative products
OZKAN PLASTIK MAKINA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     İlhan Özkan    
s plastic machinery, plastic injection machine, blow moulding machine, blow molding machine, blow molding, blow molding equipments, blow molding machines, plastic injection machinery, plastic blow molding machine, plastic blow molding equipments, molding machinery, molding machines, molding machine, baby wipes, baby wet wipes, wet wipes, auto care plastics, auto care products, auto cleaning products, auto care plasticware, plasticware, lids, caps, covers, closures, plastic caps, plastic lids, plas, cosmetic packaging, cosmetic bottles, plastic bottles, plastic bottle caps, cosmetic packing, plastic cosmetic bottles, plastic closures, plastic injection machinery, detergent bottles, lubricant bottles, laundry powder bottles, detergent packing, detergent packages, shampoo bottles, plastic shampoo bottles, bottles for cleaning chemicals, plastic lubricant bottles, caps for plastic bottles
s lighting products, lighting armatures, lighting glasses, sealing compounds, sealing products, stand, covers, plexy glasses, dried nuts glasses, pastry display products
HAGIM TEKSTIL        Türkiye     ali kartoğlan    
s chair covers, table covers, cases, covers, my orchids, karcicegi
s exhaust manifolds, water pumps, cycle water pumps, volvo, scania, daf, man, mercedes, ford, iveco, renault, bmc, compressor valve housings, water pump repair kits, fan retainers, water pump gears, bushings, cam rollers, covers, shaft cover repair kits, pulleys, ball joints, release forks, water pump pulleys, water pump housings, pulley, oil pump, exhaust manifold, fuel pump, bushing, cover, oil pumps, fuel pumps, fan retainer, cam roller, water pump repair kit, water pump sealing ring, water pump gear, water pump, ball joint, water pump pulley, daf, release fork, water pump sealing rings, porya gear boxes, cycle water pump, compressor valve housing, shaft cover repair kit, water pump housing, porya gear box, king pin kits
BEKCIOGLU MOBILYA A.S.        Türkiye     Ferhat VARDAR    
s door, doors, wooden door, wooden doors, lacquer door, lacquer doors, baseboard, baseboards, cover, covers, cupboard cover, cupboard covers, veneer door, veneer doors, door accessory, door accessories, lacquer baseboard, lacquer baseboards, veneer baseboard, veneer baseboards, kitchen cupboard cover, kitchen cupboard covers, decorative lath, decorative lathes, wooden cupboard cover, wooden cupboard covers, wooden door accessory, wooden door accessories, wooden baseboard, wooden baseboards, wpc door, wpc frame, composite door, composite frame, wooden compasite door, wooden composite frame, kitchen, kitchen door, kitchen modules, batroom cabinet, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, clothroom, clothroom cabinet, pvc door, mebrane door, pvc frame, steel door, fire rated door, security steel door
INDOOR ARLIGHT LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Tuba ÖRSEL    
s lighting accessories, lighting industry, lighting related products, lighting fixtures, outdoor lighting fixtures, floodlighting luminaries, cable carrying systems, outdoor luminaries, exterior lighting fixtures, garden luminaries, outdoor wall fittings, asymetric reflectors, symetric reflectors, circular reflectors, cable trays standard, heavy duty cable trays, cable trays without hole, light duty cable ladder, heavy duty cable ladder, cable trays and ladder covers, led, led lighting, reflectors, covers, reducers, led products, wall fittings, exterior lighting luminaries, outdoor luminaries nature series, outdoor luminaries bow-trio, garden luminaries nature series, garden luminaries bow-sit, outdoor luminaries acrylic globe, aluminium outdoor luminaries, opal globe garden luminaries, cable fitting equipments, cable trays, welded type wall consoles, consoles, wall consoles, carries, hanger trays, special reducing z type, seperators, hangers, bends rotation, reducing angles, ceiling assemble pieces, horizontal t tees, adjustable inside rotation, adjustable outside rotation, horizontal bend rotation, t cover, horizontal bend cover, reducing covers, quadruble horizontal connection cover, quadruble horizontal crossings, level chancing piece, t rotation, cable tray with perforated, straight reducing angles, heavy duty type cable tray with perforated, heavy duty type straight reducing angles, heavy duty type horizontal rotations, heavy duty type adjustable rotation, heavy duty type quadruple connections, heavy duty type t rotations, cable tray without hole, heavy duty type cable tray without hole, i console, u console, fixing angle, spu floor connection piece, connection between floor wall, light duty cable ladder module type, cable ladder straight reducing angles, cable ladder horizontal rotation, cable ladder vertical inside rotation, cable ladder vertical outside rotation, cable ladder quadruple connection, cable ladder t rotation, cable ladder with rivet, light duty cable ladder with rivet, sailor type cable ladder, sailor type cable ladder rotation, sailor type cable ladder assembly piece, tray covers, straight reducing angle covers, right reducing angle covers, left reducing angle covers, quadruple connection covers, rotation covers, inside rotation covers, outside rotation covers, vertical t, middle t rotations, socket fixing units, socket fixing unit upper trays, cable fixing pieces, cable tray and ladder stopend
ELFA METAL MAKINA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Fatih MURAT    
s stainless steel doors, metal plate products, cnc laser cutting, cnc bending press, hydraulic pres machining, metal processing, metal plate processing, welded assembly, robotic welding with positioner, welding machine, cnc machining, surface door processes, door covering process, door painting, door painting process, mechanical assembly, mechanical assembly processes, acme screw operations, screw operation, hydraulic equipment installation, cover, general support part, pump support part, covers, metal products, metal plate, body support part, cabin support part, concrete sleeper mold, excavator fuel tank, excavator oil ank, air flow measure support, condenser support part, high voltage circuit breaker, braid staff, excavator fuel tanks, excavator oil tanks, condenser support parts, high voltage cutters, braid staffs, cabin support parts, concrete sleeper molds, cover, general support parts, high voltage cutter, hood support part, hood support parts
KARRA MOBILYA SAN.VE TIC.A.S.        Türkiye     Kerim DİNÇ    
s furnitures, kitchen furnitures, bathroom furnitures, bath furnitures, doors, wooden doors, covers, kitchen cupboards, kitchen cabinets, ready kitchens, ready kitchen cupboards, ready kitchen cabinets, tall cabinets, mirrors, bathroom mirrors, bath mirrors, veneering doors, lacquer doors, nano doors, panels, interior doors, exterior doors, tv units, bedroom furnitures, bedroom sets, furniture, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, bath furniture, door, wooden door, cover, kitchen cupboard, kitch, bedroom set, kitchen cabinet, interior door, exterior door, bedroom furniture, mirror, tv unit, panel, bathroom mirror, bath mirror, lacquer door, ready kitchen, ready kitchen cupboard, ready kitchen cabinet, tall cabinet, veneering door, nano door
KONBAS AMBALAJ SAN. A.S.        Türkiye     ARIN ARAT    
s cover, crown cover, twist off, jar cover, packaging, covers, crown covers, jar covers, packagings, beer, crown corks, crown caps, metal caps for mineral waters, metal caps for jars, beverage
GENEL SERVIS INC        Türkiye     Bengi GAZİOĞLU    
s insurance, fuse, insurances, car insurance, car fuse, assurance, car cover, cover, covers, car repairment, car repairment services, car maintenance, car maintenance services, auto repairment, auto repairment services, auto maintenance, auto maintenance services, heavy vehicle repairment, heavy vehicle maintenance, light vehicle repairment, genuine spare parts, auto genuine spare parts, genuine car parts, auto parts, car parts, car spare parts, aut, auto spare parts, auto maintenance, insurance services, auto insurance
SAHA BILISIM LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Abdulhalim AYDIN    
s case, cases, phone case, phone cases, headphone, earphones, earbuds, flap, eariece, headset, earlap, telephone receiver, gelatine, screen saver, screensaver, screen protective, screen protective film, screen protective films, screen protective gelatine, screen protective gelatines, nonbreakable glass, safety glass, tempered glass, shatterproof glass, shatterless glass, screen protective nonbreakable glass, screen protective safety glass, phone accessory, phone accessories, accessory, acces, caps, satellite receiver, computers, covers, bands, usb cable, cover, computer parts, cap, band, accessories, computer, internet, usb cables, wrist band, computer part, power bank, phone covers, satellite receiver systems, satellite receiver system, touch pencil, touch pencils, sefie stick, selfie sticks, wrist bands, phone cover